The ETC Toolkit has been developed by the University of South Wales to support academic staff in building new skills that will assist learners in extending their knowledge.

From the outset, the website was destined to be very comprehensive and as such we ensured that the website was well organised, easy to navigate and search, and made easy to download learning materials.

ETC Toolkit Website on Laptop

An Adaptive Mobile Strategy

The ETC Toolkit was developed to be used in a variety of learning environments so the responsive framework we used allowed the site to seamlessly downscale from desktop to mobile without losing any of the site's rich content and features. Users would still be able to easily navigate and search the collection of toolkits.

It is important to understand how mobile users will interact with a website so we utilised a mobile strategy that ensured users would be able to move between key sections of the site with ease.


With dozens of guides and many thousands of words, the process of translating the website into Welsh would be a challenging task for the University of South Wales (USW).

We assisted by taking control and managing the entire translation process. By liaising directly with the translation team and managing the input of the translated content we enabled the USW team to continue with their regular tasks.

ETC Toolkit Multi-Lingual

Working with Ozum has been a great experience – from our initial ideas, they have helped us shape our thinking and the demands of the project, to create a highly professional finished product. Feedback from potential users at the launch was terrific – everyone was impressed with the ease of use and the accessibility as well as the look of the site.

Alison Price, Principal Consultant
ETC Toolkit

Handed in on time

With a conference planned to launch the website we ensured that the design and build of the website was completed on schedule, and to budget, and that members of the USW were trained so that they could demonstrate the website to conference attendees.

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