Johnsey Estates is a long established and leading South Wales property company with a remarkable range of office and work space rentals, and development opportunities.

We were approached by Johnsey Estates to assist with streamlining their development and property websites into a single offering. It was important to quickly convey to users the two essentially different services offered by Johnsey Estates whilst giving them the reassurance that Johnsey Estates is an established and highly regarded organisation.

Johnsey Estates Website on a Laptop

Mobile website

By using a tried and tested responsive framework, the website can seamlessly adapt to the different devices it's viewed on and Johnsey Estates can be confident that their site was being viewed as intended by potential clients.

We employed a responsive strategy to ensure that all primary features remained intact when downscaling from desktop to mobile. We extensively tested all aspects of the website on a variety of mobile and tablet devices of all shapes and sizes to ensure it worked perfectly.

Johnsey Estates on Phone
Johnsey Estates on Phone

Essential rental and location information highlighted

Johnsey Estates pride themselves on offering some of the most competitive rental rates in south Wales so pricing, office sizes and rental options are prominently displayed for quick reference.

The location of its rental opportunities are also a key selling point so prospective tenants can easily see the close proximity to main roads, public transport and neighbouring cities.

The Ozum team have just built our company a new website, with which we are delighted. They brought great professionalism and creative flair to the project which was delivered promptly and to budget. The team listened to us, added value along the way and worked well with us to create a new contemporary site fit for purpose.

James Crawford, Chief Executive Officer
Johnsey Estates UK Ltd

Built on Strong Foundations

The final website was delivered in time for a marketing campaign to promote Johnsey Estates and was well received both internally and by their partners.

The organisation now has a platform that is robust, extremely simple to update and develop and has the flexibility to grow with their property portfolio and future development opportunities.

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