Prodec Networks supplies business-class data, voice and converged networking solutions to thousands of customers across the world.

Prodec already had a website on the Umbraco platform but due to being poorly constructed, they found it difficult to maintain and inflexible to their needs. They approached us to build a flexible site that would help them maintain and connect a large amount of content. It was also a good opportunity to redesign certain aspects of the site.

Prodec Network Website on Laptop

Fully Flexible

Prodec Networks offers a large range of technology solutions with many complementing each other. Users that may be interested in a particular solution could well benefit from other related solutions.

Previously Prodec would need to create calls-to-action (CTA) such as ‘side boxes’ on a page by page basis. In order to ensure consistency and ease of use for site editors, we allow Prodec to collate these CTA in a repository so that they can easily be added to solutions.

The CTA can link to Partners, Blog posts, other Solutions, Downloads, external Websites or be completely custom. We can identify the type of content used and automatically alter the design of the CTA to match its content.

Hubspot Integration

Prodec Networks utilises Hubspot to track user engagement on their website using contact forms, button clicks and calls-to-action.

To make it as easy as possible for them to continue using Hubspot, we handled all design elements including form styles and flexible feature boxes and calls-to-action in Umbraco with only minimal code being required from Hubspot.

This ensures that the design remains consistent across the website and editors won’t have to rely on using the tools within Hubspot to design elements.

Fully Mobile

We ensured that the website was fully optimised and tested on multiple mobile devices and being in full control of the website code we are able remain in full control of the design. This also applies to external content such as Hubspot.

Part of the process for making the site fully responsive is meticulously going through every page to ensure that fonts are scaling correctly and that graphical elements are not being unnecessarily cropped.

Beyond launch, site editors can simply focus on entering their content rather than worrying about whether it will display correctly on different devices.

Working alongside Ozum throughout this project has been stress-free and efficient from concept through to launch. Ozum has successfully managed to capture our existing brand and has reinvigorated the Prodec site into something that looks professional and visually appealing, whilst allowing us to drive conversions.

Tom Kilburn, Digital Marketing Specialist
Prodec Networks


Prodec's new website allows them to be in complete control of all content with full flexibility to easily link and share content across different pages. Through careful planning, the CMS is both easy to understand and intuitive and only minimal training is required to get started.

By easily integrating with Hubspot, they can continue to track how users are interacting with the website and without any interaction from Ozum can create fully trackable landing pages for specific marketing campaigns.

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