RVW Consulting is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy offering an end-to-end service for clients extending from initial planning, through detailed design to construction and fit out.

RVW’s reputation is very much based on how each of their projects look and functions so it was essential that they were the main focus of the website. Large project banners and featured projects are utilised throughout the website.

RWV Consulting Website on Laptop

Showcase Projects

RVW Consulting has a large back catalogue of prestigious projects that they were keep to showcase in a prominent way. Large fading banners are utilised to illustrate the most presitgious projects and a filtering system allows RVW to easily categorise the many projects.

The process of adding projects has been made as simple as possible so that multiple projects can quickly and easily be added to the website. We've also included a feature that allows each project to be printed as a quick fact sheet. In their previous website fact sheets were manually created and uploaded to each project. This feature still exists if they need more control of the design of specific fact sheets.

Featured projects can easily be placed throughout the website to help backup particular service offerings.


RVW Consulting’s features a motif which we have used throughout the website to help reinforce the company’s brand. It is used as watermarks on banner images and side headers as well as in more subtle locations such as bullet points and dividing lines.

With red being the strongest of the three colours featured in the company logo, and with it indicating a sign of passion, we chose to use it throughout the website as a way of adding a little colour in particular when hovering over elements on the website. A lighter version of the grey in the logo is used to compliment the red.

Mobile as Standard

As with all projects that we deliver, the RVW Consulting website works beautifully on mobile devices and tablets. We invest time at the end of every project ensuring that every page looks as best as it should. RVW Consulting's website is no excepetion. All features that are visible on the desktop version are correctly scaled for whatever device you view the website on.

Dynamic, fresh, modern and something different were a few of the things we were looking for when we asked Ozum to redesign our website. They have achieved exactly what we wanted and more.

From the first meeting through to the CMS training Ozum were there for us every step of the way and it has been a pleasure working with them.

Ryan Brickell, Associate Director
RVW Consulting Ltd


RVW's previous website was difficult to maintain due to the way it was built and having an inflexible CMS but now being powered by Umbraco, they are able to keep the content fresh and up-to-date.

Because we ensure that the CMS is so easy to use, the responsibility of updating the website can be shared amongst more members of the team rather than restricting to the most technically-minded member of the team.

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