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Discover How to Fine Tune Your Umbraco Installation with our Audits

Written by
Michael Bennett

Umbraco is a very powerful content management system which when engineered correctly can allow complex tasks to be achieved easily either with little user interaction or automatically.  

A poorly implemented installation can cause unnecessary frustration, a decrease productivity and potential loss of time.

Document Types and Templates

Umbraco is built upon Document Types and Templates and when implemented correctly will provide Content Editors with the flexibility to easily manage content across the website. If implemented incorrectly, Content Editors may have to resort to manipulating content rather than simply inputting content. This can lead to inconsistency across the site and additional work.

Well-structured Document Types, particularly ones that are tailored to a client’s specific needs, will allow for faster content entry, consistency and a potential reduction in training. 

Our audit would analyse would provide an overall recommendation of the use of Document Types right down to individual Document Types.

Content Structure

A common issue that Content Editors encounter is a lack of being able to edit specific content. There can be valid reasons for this such as not being included in a specification document, something that is rarely changed or a need to keep a specific design.  But, there are many occasions when a user has been restricted simply through a poor implementation of Umbraco. 

Another common issue is relying on the Content Editor to format the content that is being entered. Instead of proper structure, a Content Editor may simply be provided with a Rich Text Editor and be expected to format the text, add headings and handle text alignment.

The Content Editor may also be restricted in how they utilise other content from the website. With a variety of information on a website such as, for example, product information, news articles, testimonials and documents,. A well-structured installation should allow Content Editors to draw upon it to create engaging content with little effort.

If a site is multilingual, there are different ways this can be implemented - from the bad to the good. We examine how it has been implemented and recommend best practices.

Workflow/Managing Users

We can examine how the current Workflow is set up in your Umbraco installation and whether it is hindering your Content Manager and Editors. With the correct permissions in place, Content Managers would have peace-of-mind knowing that Content Editors have the freedom to add content and make necessary changes whilst maintaining the ability to approve amendments or rollback. 


After examining the installation we are able to provide a variety of recommendations both frontend and backend. These can be backed up by real-world examples from projects we have completed. We can also offer more specific recommendations based on the content on the website. 

How We Can Help You

Request a Health Check

A finely-tuned Umbraco installation is a happy Umbraco installation. Our Health Check will examine all aspects of your installation from the general structure, individual pages and coding structure. We will provide a detailed report and based on this can offer a set of recommendations. Health checks can be conducted on-site or remotely.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

If you have an Umbraco installation and need to switch to a different agency, we can help maintain that installation and add new features. You can still maintain control of the installation and any changes can be made remotely. We can provide feedback about any issues that we discover.


We can provide a variety of solutions for hosting your Umbraco installation whether it be on one of our dedicated servers or a more bespoke cloud-based environment. We work closely with our hosting partner to provide the best solution for your installation.

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