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Web Design, Umbraco Development, EventBrite Integration, Snipcart Integration, Instagram Integration

Project Background

Tiny Rebel is an award winning craft brewery with a rapidly growing UK and international following. Within a short few years they have taken the real ale world by storm with awards for Champion Beer of Wales in 2013 and 2014, then in 2015 they won Best Beer in Britain at the Great British Beer Festival, Olympia, London.

Being on the big stage meant a rethink of their digital offering. Ozum responded with a plan to develop a modern digital platform that would best showcase their ever-changing content whilst also carefully integrating the unique Tiny Rebel brand.

Converting spray paint into pixels

Tiny Rebel has always had a very unique brand so this needed to be reflected on the new website. Previous versions of the website, although heavily branded, were less user-focused. This became one of our main priorities - creating a great user-experience whilst still allowing the brand to shine.

We took the decision to heavily lead the project to ensure that usability and flexibility remained the main focus. Using this approach we were able to create a modern, responsive design for the website and provide the Brewery's Creative Director with large sections to add individual branding.

The website we delivered successfully conveys its bold branding across all levels of the website and allows this to follow through to all devices, be it desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Making it easy to find your favourite beer

Tiny Rebel is all about great beer and great beer deserves to be shown off. With over 70 brewed to date, we developed a custom filtering system that assists users in finding their favourite brews.

All the key information is prominently displayed along with custom-made icons indicating availability in bottle, keg and cask. Users can then access each beer to view more detailed information such as tasting notes, hops used and when it was first brewed.

Tiny Rebel Website on Tablet Tiny Rebel Website on Phone

A great mobile experience without compromising a unique identity

Having worked with Tiny Rebel since their inception in 2010, we were aware that many visitors accessed the website on mobile and tablet devices. It was crucial that users of these devices experienced the same unique Tiny Rebel branding as those accessing the website on a desktop.

We worked with Tiny Rebel's Creative Director to ensure that all primary features remained intact when downscaling from desktop to mobile including custom banner animations. We extensively tested all aspects of the website on a variety of mobile and tablet devices of all shapes and sizes to ensure it worked perfectly.

Tiny Rebel Website on Phone Tiny Rebel Bear

Creativity and technical skill + brand and market awareness = Ozum. Not only did they boost our online presence within the UK, they helped us communicate internationally.

Bradley Cummings, Co-Founder
Tiny Rebel Brewing Co.

Crafted to perfection

We successfully delivered the Tiny Rebel brand online without having to make compromises. The site architecture ensures an intuitive, user-centered experience across all devices and engaging content is well represented to users.


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