Finally, a creative agency that's the perfect antidote to your website headaches

Looking for out-the-box-creative graphics? An ultra-engaging customer journey? A smooth lead gen machine? Simply a website that works 24/7 and doesn't give you brain pain to use or update?

Genuine Umbraco Specialists

However you want your website to look, whatever you need your website to do, Ozum makes it happen using a platform called Umbraco, the most flexible and robust platform available. We're genuine Umbraco specialists with Gold Partner status because it's the only platform we use (and we've been using it for over 12 years), which means we'll make sure your website — however large or complex — looks and performs like a dream.

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Ozum philosophies and what to expect when you partner with us

Not only do we have the genuine Umbraco expertise, we become an extension of your team and can be flexible and accomodating rather than rigid with our approach. Our clients are our partners and we treat them as such. That means we work according to these core philosophies:


Get what you want

You get exactly what you want from the project, because nothing gets developed until the design is signed off.


Clear communication

You get clear communication and fast, honest feedback from us, so your project maintains momentum.


We're proactive

We’re proactive and make recommendations to you rather than expecting you to make them to us (and inevitably getting frustrated because, isn’t that why you hired a creative web agency?).


You're supported

You get support and follow-up as part of the service — we don’t just drop you once the website is built.


We do what we say

We do what we will when we say we will (a surprisingly rare thing in our industry).


We're not a 'yes' agency

You won’t be hiring a “yes” agency; if we think what you’re asking for does not serve the best interests of the business, we will say so — and then create something that does.

The Ozum approach to your project

All our work is custom, which is what makes Umbraco the perfect website platform - and why all of our clients get web design that's uniquely delightful, development that's perpetually slick, and support that's always a sigh of relief.



The reason our work gets brilliant results is because of the depth of our discovery. This stage allows us to properly understand your company, your goals, your competitors, your potential customers, the problem you’re trying to solve for them, and how we can create a website that solves that specific problem in the smoothest way. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy, because you’re not a one-size-fits-all business. Our approach is personal, and we treat you like people rather than numbers.



Next, we create a visual sitemap outlining the website’s structure, high-level functionality, and navigation. Once this has been signed off by all stakeholders, we create wireframes (basic layouts) for all the key pages. Once the wireframes are approved, we design the creative concepts and deliver them along with explanations that relate back to your ultimate objectives. The beauty of working with Umbraco is we can be as creative and collaborative as necessary. No templates, no restrictions, no disappointment. You can provide feedback directly on the designs and nothing gets developed until you are 100% delighted with them.


Build + Test

This is where we turn your custom designs into a website that ticks every box for you, your users, and your team. Nothing we create is off the shelf. All the building blocks are 100% custom-designed and hand-coded from scratch, which means you get exactly what you want from both a visual and a useability perspective. Front-end and back-end. After the build is done, we test every aspect of it to ensure it loads like lightning, there’s zero clunkiness, and all the features serve their purpose perfectly.



Your website has been tailor-made with your team in mind — the ones who are actually going to be adding content to the website — so training them on how to use the system is a core part of our process. No question you have will ever go unanswered. Quick and clear communication is our default, and you have direct access to the project manager and the developers throughout the whole project.


Go Live!

Your dream website is ready to show the world! We’ll give you a launch checklist to follow your end and make sure everything is running as it should our end. That means considering everything from your Google Analytics to your SEO. The best part? You’ll have been involved the whole way through but won’t have had to worry about a thing.


Ongoing Support

The point of future-proofing your website is so your content editors can easily keep the website fresh and up to date. But sometimes ongoing design and development support is necessary for larger or more complex sites, or for smaller teams with more limited in-house resources. If you want to keep us by your side after the website is live, any time-consuming tasks or technical headaches can be sent straight to us.

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