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Web Design, Umbraco Development, BidPath Integration

Specialist Auction House

Omega Auctions is one of the top auction houses worldwide for music memorabilia and vinyl records. The family run auction house has buyers and sellers worldwide.

We were approached by Omega Auctions to completely overhaul their existing website and with a requirement to move to the Umbraco platform, they selected us to partner with them.

Showcasing Beautiful Products

In preparation for a new website, Omega Auctions had already embarked on a rebranding exercise. With a more modern and colourful logo, this assisted us in creating a much more bolder website for Omega. We utilised the geometric shapes and palette of colours in backgrounds, buttons and accents.

Umbraco is fully utilised to share content across the website with Auction Highlights and Upcoming Auctions providing additional useful information as they browse the website.

BidPath Integration

BidPath is a leading software auction company and handles all auctions on behalf of Omega Auctions. The auction software is hosted on BidPath’s own servers so a solution was required to integrate the sites together.

Whilst the software is hosted remotely, working together with BidPath key parts of the website such as header and footer were shared and stored on their servers in order to provide a seamless experience between the Omega Auctions and BidPath software.

Users can easily navigate between BidPath’s up-to-date auction information and Omega Auction’s and even though they will be transferred between different websites, it will appear as though they are on the same website.

A great effort from all concerned the site looks great. Thanks for all the hard work.

Karen Fairweather, Client Services Director
Omega Auctions


During development, aspects of the project evolved and scope changed to include additional features. Due to the development processes we have in place, we were able to quickly react and evolve to include additional features.

The launch of the website sees our continued relationship with Omega and we continue to provide technical support and marketing assistance with Google AdWords.


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